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debt review south africaFacing legal action and repossessions in addition to lawyers calling

In arrears with your accounts probably causing jusgments?

Having sleepless nights due to stress?

Creditors keep calling because you do not have answers

Contact us today for free advice but most noteworthy,  free applications for debt review and debt counselling

Debt counselling (debt review) is a legal debt restructuring process while regulated by the NCR and prescribed in the National Credit Act

If you apply for debt review you will consequently pay a reduced monthly repayment. Debt review South Africa will also prevent any further legal action and repossessions. You will not receive any calls from creditors or collection agencies.

To qualify for debt counselling you need three things

  1. You must be a South African citizen furthermore be at least 18 years old
  2. You must have income or at least the ability to repay your debt review repayments in addition to normal income
  3. Your disposable income (income minus deductions) minus your household expenses (rent, groceries, meat, school fees) therefore must be less than what is needed to pay all your debt

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Debt counselling and debt review is the first step that you can take to finally become debt free. Taking control of your debt today seems like a good idea

We have helped thousands of consumers manage their debt since 2007  therefore being the top debt review firm in South Africa

Help with Debt – Registered Debt Counsellors

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How to apply for debt review South Africa

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Debt counselling and Debt review in conclusion is the solution for your debt problems

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