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“Debt review helped me prevent vehicle and property repossession”

Debt review and debt counselling

Hi and welcome to the one stop site for all South Africans who wish to better the quality of living by taking control of their current financial situation through the process of debt counselling


Debt counselling and debt review in South Africa

Debt counselling or Debt review is a debt restructuring process that allows the consumer to pay less towards his/her monthly debt obligations.

Debt counselling and debt review is regulated by the National Credit Act and regulated by the National Credit regulator (NCR)

Help with debt is proud to be registered with the NCR as Debt counsellors and we pride ourselves that we adhere to the strict regulations set forth in the Act when applying for debt counselling

Should you be in a position where you cannot meet all your monthly commitments and you feel like debt is drowning you, we are here to help with application for debt counselling.

On this web site you will get all relevant info on the debt counselling, cost and duration of the process of debt counselling and debt review  as well as getting answerers for frequently asked questions.

You will also be able to download the debt counselling application for for a no obligation assessment

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What are the advantages of debt counseling

debt counseling is a credit restructuring process instituted by the National Credit Act and is enforced by the NCR

We are registered debt counselors in   and give free debt counseling advice and information to all clients

Our debt counseling services include providing you with as much possible information on the process so that you can make an educated decision as to the fact that debt counseling might be the answer to your credit problems

The debt counseling process include that you first of all complete the informal application form so that we can assess your current financial situation. When we determine that you are over indebted we can launch a formal debt counseling application

what is debt counseling:

Debt counseling allows registered debt counselors in  , like Help with Debt, to restructure your monthly debt repayments and reduce those payments by up to 60% without increasing your total debt amount

credit and debt counseling works for consumers that struggle to pay their loans but want to pay. We get a lot of consumers in   that tell us they make debt repayments and in the process don't keep any money for living expenses

Our debt counseling services include negotiating with your creditors to reduce your monthly debt repayments on a formal restructuring process

debt consolidation counseling is another way of looking at debt review and debt counseling. You will only pay one amount into the Payment distribution agency (PDA) towards all your creditors. The PDA ensures that no one handles your money and this eliminates any malpractice in our industry

debt counseling fees are calculated according to your budget and prescribed by the NCR as well as the Act. You do not pay any up front fees and your debt review application pays for itself.,

credit debt counseling will reduce your monthly debt repayments giving you a better future from day one

You can include credit card debt counseling, home loans, vehicle finance and any other credit agreement you have

debt review will prevent any further legal action against you and can prevent repossession of your vehicle and house

Contact Help with Debt today so that we can explain the debt review process to you in full.

Many consumers ask us how to get out of debt review. This is very simple. You can exit debt review at any time but need to be aware of the fact that you will not enjoy the protection the Act gives you once you exit debt review

If you are facing legal action, property repossession or vehicle repossession, debt counselling and debt review is certainly the answer!. Debt counselling and debt review will ensure that all legal action is stopped and that the repossession of vehicles and properties are prevented. Debt counselling and debt review will ensure that you protect your assets and prevent all legal action and stop repossession.


We will ensure that you don't loose your vehicle or property to bank repossession

Prevent repossession.

As a last resort we will assist you in application for Insolvency


What are the costs?

Debt counsellors are not allowed to receive money from consumers directly for debt counselling applications.

The application gets paid for out of your monthly repayment by the PDA

How long does application take?

Application for debt review and debt counselling is very fast and can be done in one day should we receive all the info needed on the debt review application form.

Once the formal application has been done you are immediately protected

Debt review and debt counsellingDebt review and debt counsellingDebt review and debt counsellingDebt review and debt counselling


Here are some links where you can among others verify our registration, read through the Credit Act, download the application Form and follow us on other Social Media

“I saved more than 50% on my monthly debt repayments without paying more over the long run. All this with a debt review application

Complete this form and we will contact you for a free consultation

We will assist you in completing your debt counselling application form and getting all the needed documentation

Debt review application,

“I did not have to return my vehicle to the bank with the debt review application”

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Debt review

  • Protect your assets from repossession
  •  Reduce your debt repayments TODAY with up to 60%
  • Free debt counselling applications and advice on the process of debt counselling.
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