debt counsellingWelcome to Help with Debt. Your one stop National debt counsellor for debt counselling and Debt review applications

If you are struggling to pay your accounts. Facing legal action and repossessions, call us today

We provide free consultations on debt counselling. If you just need advice, no problem

Debt counselling will prevent repossession and stop all legal action.

Debt review will also reduce your monthly debt repayments. You will pay one reduced debt installment to all your creditors.

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Why Help With Debt

Only One Low Monthly Payment

Have More Money Left At The End Of The Month

Legal Protection From All Creditors

Award Winning Debt Counsellors

How Does The Process Work?

If you qualify for debt counselling we will negotiate a reduced installment with your creditors.
You do not have to wait for a result, application is immediate and you are protected from repossessions and legal actions from day one.

5 Steps Of The Debt Counselling Process

Calculate Your Reduced Repayments

Use Our Online Debt Calculator

Get Answers To Your Questions

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What Does Our Clients Say?

Nobody wants to be in debt but it happens, when I found Help With Debt I was skeptical at first but it’s been the best decision I’ve made. They are very helpful in every aspect. I highly recommend the company.

I have been suffering for my debt for a long time and a great recommendation from a friend I finally starting step by step to relief from this nightmare and no more annoying phone calls 🙂

We have been with you for only a few months and yet you have already been able to negotiate with debt collectors very reasonable amounts. Thank you, we made a good decision to work with you.

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